Sentences of Inmates the Eastern State Penitentiary

This app graphs and maps the average sentences of inmates admitted to the Eastern State Penitentiary. Use the variable options (Gender, Age, Place of Birth, etc.) to explore length and sentencing location. This app also generates a list of inmates that match the parameters entered in the drop-down menus, along with a link to the Admission Book in which that inmate's information was recorded.

Length of Inmates' Sentence

This graph shows variations in the length of inmates' prison sentence.

The The X Axis reflects the length of inmate sentences in months, while the Y Axis reflects the number of inmates who received a sentence of that length.


Sentencing Locations

This map show how sentencing varied in length and frequency in different places.

Based on the selections made in the drop-down menus, the size of the red dot reveals the average length of prison sentences passed, while the size the blue dot indicates roughly how many cases are represented in that average.


These results include: